The Real Daryl Metcale.com is a site devoted to the truth about Rep. daryl metcalfe

DarylRarely does one find a politician quite like Pennsylvania State Representative Daryl Metcalfe. Sure, it is easy to find bigoted, hate-spewing, egotistical people in all walks of life, but Daryl has a well-earned reputation for out-hating and out-spewing nearly every person in the Commonwealth.

But what really gets Daryl's blood pumping? Wasteful government spending! You've heard his speeches, watched him on television, listened to him on the radio and read his endless string of taxpayer funded press releases, slamming everyone who he believes is not a true conservative, a true guardian of the public's money.

Which makes it all the more amazing that when it comes to spending YOUR money, no one holds a candle to The Real Daryl Metcalfe. We took a little time to do some research on Daryl's profligacy, and the results speak for themselves. All of the numbers we cite on this web site are readily available, courtesy of the Pennsylvania General Assembly, Office of the Chief Clerk (Thank you, Daryl, for always standing up for more transparency! It is quite handy!) Since we realize most Capital reporters are overworked and might be too busy buying into Daryl's hypocrisy, we thought we would provide it free of charge.

NOTE: As more info becomes available, we will update all the numbers you find here. And believe us; there WILL be more to come.


The Daryl Watchers